Letter to the Membership 2016

Dear NAFA Community,

September 30, 2016 we closed out another wonderful year full of NAFA events.

Here is a recap and a sneak peak of what is coming up:

Celebrate Adoption—In November, we had a bouncy good time at Sky High. November is annually Celebrate Adoption Month. We plan to repeat this popular event November 13, 2016 at Sky High. Look for another email soon! For information or to RSVP contact Christie at nafaevents@gmail.com

Baby &Toddler Care Class—We host this event 3 times per year. We have permanently relocated to Legacy Emanuel Hospital. Local agencies and attorneys have been great at helping us promote this class. If you are an alum of this event, please help spread the word! I am also in need of more volunteers during our breakout sessions. Please consider giving 2 hours one, two or three times per year. The next class is on February 11, 2017. Contact me at nafawait@gmail.com if you want to be added to my volunteer list.

Splash!—February brought our annual swim event. East Portland Community Center is so much fun for kids and adults. Slides, lazy river, tide pool and hot tub feel so good in the winter! Look for a repeat this February.

JJ Jump—This event was new for NAFA. It replaced Skating at Mt. Scott, which had diminished interest from the membership. JJ Jump was enjoyable for all— bouncing, climbing, zip lining and more! We will host this or similar event next April.

Waiting Family Meetings—We only held this event once last year due to lack of interest. Despite popular speakers and relevant topics, we couldn’t sustain a captive audience. At this time, we plan to put this event on hold. We have two new events coming this year though! See below for details.

Campout 2016—This event is the longest running tradition in NAFA history. It is a fantastic way to gather adoptive families for a relaxing, fun filled weekend. We have created some new traditions and have adapted to our now “not so new” location—Nehalem Bay State Park. If you have not been to campout lately, or at all, check out the photos on our Facebook page facebook.com/NorthwestAdoptiveFamiliesAssociation  Campout 2017 will be July 21-23, 2017. That means campsite and yurt reservations open on October 21, 2016! This year we are able to help you in this process. Currently NAFA has paid for campsites that we will be able to transfer to your name should you choose to register through us. The cost is the same as for your own reservation– $29/night plus $8 registration fee ($66 for Fri-Sun). We just ask that you either are up to date on your membership fee or pay for your membership with your reservation ($30).. Right now the reservations are for Tuesday (7/18)-Sunday (7/23). For more information or to reserve a site, contact Yvette at ibid@hevanet.com and specify how many nights you would like. If you have an annual pass for state parks (either by purchase or as part of your adoptive status) you can get your money reimbursed when you show your card at the campground.


Adoption Discussion Group—During National Adoption Awareness Month, NAFA will be hosting an Adoption Discussion Group. We will meet Wednesday November 2, 2016 at 7:00 pm at Legacy Emanuel Medical Office Building 2, 501 N. Graham, Portland. This is a time for us to gather and share what is good, and maybe what is not good, in our adoptive family experience. Hopefully, you can join us and find the support we all seek. Everyone is welcome, but keep in mind that some topics may not be appropriate for young children. Beverages and light refreshments will be provided. For more information or to RSVP contact Diane at nafawait@gmail.com

Neighbor Groups—In 2017, we will launch a new program called “Neighbor Groups”. We will start with one Eastside and one Westside. These will be informal gatherings for adoptive families to meet up and play together. The idea is to be able to get to know who is in our community with whom we share this common bond. You may make friends, and your kids may make friends, that you will continue to see socially. To start, we will meet at simple places such as parks. Then we will see what will make sense for each group. Stay tuned for more information to come soon!

LASTLY, we are in need of new board members. Several years ago, many board members retired as their adoptive children became adoptive adults. We need to hear more voices, more ideas, and feel new energy. The initial commitment is 5 board meetings (roughly every 2 months) on Sunday afternoons.  As you get a feel for what we are doing, you are welcome to help out by facilitating one or more tasks. Right now, tasks for 6-8 people are divided between 5 members. For more information, contact us at information@nafaonline.org

Thank you so much for being a part of the NAFA. We value you and we truly believe in the positive effect NAFA has on our community. If you haven’t given your family this sense of community lately, we encourage you to join in a NAFA event. See if this is beneficial to your family relationships. If your membership has lapsed, come anyway. We hope you have a great time and renew your membership. Give this gift to yourself and your family!


Your NAFA Board,

Diane, Christie, Yvette, Lee, & Sue