NAFA- September 2018

Dear NAFA Community,

As we begin another NAFA calendar year—October 2018-September 2019—we want to make sure we are reaching our members. We are planning several social events and we don’t want you to miss out! Please contact us at if you have a change in contact info.

The current board of directors met last weekend. Here is a synopsis:

 We voted to move into the following year with this board:

President: Diane Slaughter

Vice President: VACANT

Secretary: Yvette Burling

Treasurer: Christie Van Winkle

Standing Members: Brenda Lamb

Events for the coming year will include:

Sky High (February), Splash! Swim Party (April),  Campout (July 12-14) and Baby & Toddler Care Class (March & October). Exact dates will be posted on our website and on our Facebook page.

We NEED your help!

One of our long-term board members, Lee Ball, has resigned from the Board. We need more members to step forward to help in the future. The commitment is small—3-4 board meetings per year and one or more tasks. If you want more information, contact us at




NAFA relies on membership fees to cover our basic costs–website, mail box, email (constant contact) & insurance. Please make sure you are current with your dues. You can pay your $30/family either by check or PayPal. Mail your check to NAFA PO Box 12086 Portland OR 97212-0086 or use our PayPal link on our web page  If you are unsure if you are current, contact us and we will check our database.

Thank You for your continued involvement and support of NAFA! Our kids will grow up knowing they are not alone. We value our adoption community!

Best Wishes,

Diane Slaugter

NAFA Board President