Interested in adopting fantastic foster kids looking for a loving home? Consider the possibilities...

Jacob (age 12) is a sweet and caring boy who genuinely enjoys helping others. He is naturally affectionate and appreciates feeling emotionally close to those in his life. Friendly and talkative, he is quick to comfort someone who needs the extra support and share with people he loves. Jacob is crazy about anything electronic and also loves animals, music and movies. Like many boys his age, he can find hours of enjoyment playing video games. Jacob has been described by many as having a kind heart.

Prospective families would benefit from training, skill and experience with children that have complex needs. While Jacob is great with younger children, Jacob would do best in a home without children or a home with only older children. Many home environments would be appropriate for Jacob, but he would especially thrive in a rural setting with animals. A permanent home and family is exactly what Jacob needs in order to thrive and grow.

While the transition might be difficult, time will unveil all of Jacobs’s wonderful and truly genuine qualities. Jacob wants and needs a forever family that won’t give up on him. In return he will shower you affection and love.

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