Dear NAFA Community

September 28, 2017


Dear NAFA Community,

We are drawing a close to another action packed NAFA year! In the past year we have jumped at Sky High, swam at East Portland Community Center, bounced each other silly at JJ Jump and breathed the fine ocean air at Nehalem Bay State Park! We also welcomed 20 new families through the Baby & Toddler Care Class and launched a new Neighborhood Group meet up at local parks. These events gather us together to share a common bond, reassure our kids that their adoption makes them uniquely the same, and have fun with friends new and old.

NAFA is a one of a kind organization. We often get emails and calls asking if we have a program in any area other than Oregon/SW Washington. Unfortunately for them, we know no other such program. Fortunately for you and your family, we have a lot to offer you!

Two things keep NAFA going strong:

  1. Some years ago, NAFA was awarded a onetime grant from The Wendy’s Foundation. Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s Restaurants, was a foster child who made a promise to make the foster and adoptive life easier and more helpful for future kids. We take pride in honoring his legacy. Foster and Adoption life is not a perfect life. But our kids can grow successfully and confidently. NAFA uses these funds, combined with annual membership dues and donations, to provide the events above, relationships within the adoptive community, and a presence on the internet and on social media.
  2. Your involvement is a big piece of the picture. We love seeing you throughout the year. And we are happy that new families are stepping forward to help with different items throughout the year. We will be calling on you soon! We also need someone(s) to be willing to serve on the board. Lee, our longtime treasurer, needs to “retire” (her daughter is 20 years old!). We have a current board member to take on treasurer duties, but need someone to help with other tasks such as phone messages, email, social media and/or chair an event. At one time, NAFA had a board of nearly 20 members. Currently, we only have four! It is important that we well represent the many faces of adoption.

We will have available soon the 2017-2018 Calendar of Events. In the meantime, mark down Sunday, November 5 for our Jump High & Celebrate Adoption at Sky High. And mark July 20-22, 2018 for Campout (reservations can be made starting October 20, 2017 *or earlier if you book more days than Fri-Sun).

Best Wishes to You and Your Family,

Diane Slaughter, President     Christie Van Winkle, Vice-President

Yvette Burling, Secretary        Lee Ball, Treasurer