NAFA’s Future

+*Our Annual Letter to the Membership:

Dear NAFA members,

October begins a new NAFA year. However, this will be the last year of NAFA unless we get volunteers to fill in our soon to be empty board positions. Our President and Secretary are on their last year after 10 years of service, and our Treasurer is stepping down. We need at least 2 people to join the board to replace them, more would be welcome! Additionally, we need 1 to 2 people to step up and take over Camp Out in 2025. Ideally, they would be board members. This task is not done alone but needs coordination and it would be good to have them follow along this next year to know what to expect the following year. We also need people with younger children that want to coordinate an activity for that age group.

Board meetings are now held on Zoom so it is easy to attend. As a nonprofit, by state law, we need to hold at least one meeting a year with all, or a quorum, of our board in attendance. We usually do this in September or October. We also usually meet prior to reserving campsites for Camp Out (January), and prior to Camp Out (June) to organize. Most meetings last about 1 hour. Pre work for the campout takes about 5 hours of work. If you volunteer to help with another activity, that time commitment varies. It may include a little research into where to have an event (swimming pool etc.), reserving it and getting food and waivers the day of the event. Again, usually not just one person.  Then there are emails to help coordinate an event.

We will lose a lot of knowledge with the retirement of Diane and Yvette, so it is important that we try to pass that knowledge on as much as possible.

We hope that you will find time in your busy schedules to add a few hours to help keep NAFA alive.

Thank you,

NAFA Board, Diane, Yvette, Christie, Brenda and Eryn